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The Bear Lake Monster | A Keepers of Wisdom & Treasure

It was a nice weekday on Bear Lake, with the water looking as perfect as it can get. I was going out fishing with my good friend Sherm Ottley. As we motored to the secret spot we passed the Bear Lake Monster Scenic ride boat treating visitors to the on lake experience. Now, Sherm knows I am a dreamer and he, a dead in the wool skeptic, so he baited me by saying that I probably thought the Bear Lake Monster was real. I knew he was pushing my buttons, so I just smiled and told him that I did not believe in the Monster, but thought it plausible that there might be some merit to the notion in my most academic voice. This in turn pushed his button….. BINGO!!!

Bear Lake Monster


The yarn was written up by Joseph C. Rich years ago in the Deseret News ¬†chronicling the legend the indigenous folks had. Now I don’t know if the Monster is real or not, but the legends of large critters in the deep lakes of the world are ubiquitous and it could very well be that whatever is the driving force behind all these legends could be at work here. There is the Famous Loch Ness Monster Nessie, which was seriously explored by the Rine expedition using underwater cameras set up on motion sensors, which revealed some very interesting images . There is the Monster in the highest deep lake in the world, Lake Titicaca which is reputed to be 150′ long. Lake Tahoe has Tessie, Lake Okknagan has Ogopogo etc. That is just the tip of the iceberg and the entire study is called cyptozoology which also included the Abominable Snowman, Big Foot, etc.

Lake Tahoe Tessie

Now that seems like a fair bit of info, and Sherm’s eyes were glazing over and rolling around in his head as I detailed these anomalies, but I pushed on to torture him further with my off the charts rant.


I told him that the entire notion of the Monster was misleading and was all wrapped up in a fear paradigm. Large dragon like myths are replete in the worlds legends and are not always identified with fear. Dragons also are legendarily known to be keepers of Wisdom and treasure. China, Japan, South America, North America all have legends of the Dragons delivering knowledge to the people in antiquity. It has been distorted through the years to become a source of fear. I prefer to think of the kindly dragon in the kids movie The Never Ending Story, where the dragon has a big poodle, terrier, Maltese type of face and helps the hero of the story achieve success. Wales and dolphins are not seen as Monsters, and we endear them as they are gentle and intelligent, so why should we assume that the Bear Lake Monster is scary. If he popped his head up right here right now, I think we could learn a couple of things if we held our emotions in check.

Lake Monster

I told him I thought the Scenic Boat had the right idea, as it is a fun and playful take on a myth. I don’t know if the critter is real or not, but I sure would like to be the one to make first contact and ask a couple of pointed questions instead of running wildly in fear of something that came to teach us something…. or Not! One thing I know for sure is that Sherm will not be inviting me on his fishing trips any time soon as I pushed him over the limit. Sorry Sherm, that is what you get when you bait me with chum!!!

Tessie Tahoe Monster

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